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Chimney cowls are elements that protect the installation against disturbances in the flow of exhaust air from the building. They are used when:

→ There is a risk of backdraft, i.e. the re-flow of stale air through the ventilation grilles into the room. One of the main causes of this phenomenon is the presence of strong winds that move back the air in the ventilation ducts. Therefore, in windy areas, it is mandatory to use chimney caps to protect against draught reversal. This applies to ventilation, smoke and flue gas ducts.

→ It is necessary to support the chimney draught and improve the removal of stale air.

→ The building is surrounded by tall trees or buildings,

→ The ventilation, smoke or flue gas duct is too short and narrow,

→ The chimney outlet is located below the roof slope. An additional function of chimney cowls is the function of protecting ventilation ducts against snow and rain. It also protects the chimney against birds nesting in it, and sometimes they are also a decorative function of the chimney. The products we offer in this category are:

→ Ventilation canopies,

→ Cylindrical vents,

→ Winders,

→ Chimney cowls The products are available with diameter dimensions of 100mm-315mm. All products are made of galvanized steel.

The manufacturer of these components is the renowned Darco company.