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Supplying treated air with specific parameters is a key task of an air conditioning system. Only good quality air is able to create a comfortable microclimate inside the room. The air treatment process takes place in the air handling unit, which is divided into several sections. The air taken from the outside is subjected to heating, cooling, purification, humidification and dehumidification processes. Efficient distribution of air to individual parts of the building is carried out by supply and exhaust fans. It is becoming a common practice to use an air handling unit with heat recovery, i.e. recuperation. This allows to increase the energy efficiency of the building and meet EU requirements. Recuperation, i.e. the recovery of heat from the exhaust air, which can be used to heat the fresh outside air. The energy transfer takes place via a heat exchanger, so the supply and exhaust air streams do not mix with each other. There are central ventilation systems with cross-flow, counterflow and rotary exchangers. Why is mechanical ventilation with recuperation a good solution?

→ Energy savings and lower heating bills (up to 50%),

→ The supplied air is fresh and purified, i.e. healthy,

→ No need to ventilate the rooms

→ Active air purification with filters The products we offer in this category are air handling units with recuperation, manufactured by Alnor, Dospel and Vents Group.