• Duct fan ICM-EC-315/2206M 2206m3/h

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Duct fan ICM-EC-315/2206M 2206m3/h - quiet, economical, with EC motor, for supply/extraction. PP housing, ABS rotor, vertical/horizontal mounting, speed control, IP44.

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Duct fan ICM-EC-315/2206M 2206m3/h

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Key features of the fan:

  • Energy-efficient - modern EC motors.

  • Infinitely adjustable 0-10V speed range.

  • Even more efficient

  • Special profiled handlebars

  • Dynamically balanced diagonal rotor.

The ICM EC duct fan is an innovative solution in the field of ventilation systems, characterized by outstanding efficiency and low energy consumption. Its diagonal design, which uses an advanced electronically commutated (EC) motor, ensures high performance with minimal noise. This design makes it an extremely environmentally friendly and economical device.

The fan housing is made of durable polypropylene, while the impeller is made of high-quality ABS plastic, which guarantees a long service life and reliability of the device. Thanks to special connectors, assembly, disassembly and maintenance of the fan are extremely easy and intuitive. In addition, the fan can be installed in both horizontal and vertical positions, making it an extremely versatile solution to suit a variety of user needs.

The fan's electric motor, equipped with integrated thermal protection, is powered by 230V ~1.50Hz. It is characterized by the ability to smoothly adjust the rotational speed in the entire range, while maintaining high efficiency. This regulation is carried out by means of a controller that uses an analog signal of 0-10V, which ensures precise adjustment of the operating parameters to individual needs. The IP44 rating guarantees safe use of the device in various conditions.

The ICM EC fan is adapted to the transport of unpolluted air, finding its application in both supply and exhaust systems of residential, public buildings, offices and shops. It can also be used in extractor hood systems, where grease filters are required to ensure optimum efficiency.

Capable of operating at temperatures up to 60 °C, the ICM EC fan is an extremely versatile unit, suitable for a wide range of applications, making it the ideal solution for those looking for an efficient and cost-effective ventilation system.

Fan Specifications:

тур Wydajność[m3/h] obroty[rpm] М oc[W] Intensity [А] Voltage [V] Frequency [Hz] Sound pressure [dB(A)] Mass (Кg]
IСМ-ЕС 100/366М 366 3800 70 0,47 230 50 35 1,80
IСМ-ЕС-125/561М 561 3800 70 0,47 230 50 35 2,00
ICM-EC-150-160/647M 647 3000 70 0,47 230 50 43 2,70
IСМ-ЕС-200/ 1250М 1250 3000 180 1,05 230 50 50 4,90
IСМ-ЕС-250/ 1652M 1652 3000 255 1,5 230 50 65 7,90
IСМ-ЕС-З15/2206М 2206 2350 250 1,40 230 50 68 11,30

Fan dimensions :

Brand Havaco
Status New
Colour white
Material PCV
Hole diameter 315 mm
Kind Channel
Energy efficiency class A+
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