• Explosion-proof wall fan 500/R/6-6/45/400/Ex - 9340 m3/h

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Explosion-proof wall fan 630/R/5-5/45/400/L/Ex - 12200 m3/h, Explosion-proof wall-mounted axial fan is a compact air circulation device, directly mounted on the wall. Thanks to its axial design, it is efficient and quiet, ideal for ventilating rooms with limited space.

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Explosion-proof wall fan 630/R/5-5/45/400/L/Ex - 12200 m3/h

ATEX explosion-proof axial fans are designed for use in spaces where there is a probability of explosive atmospheres resulting from the existence of mixtures of air with gases, vapours, mists (equipment group II, category 2). The fans are driven directly by the shaft of the electric motor. Fans are in the category of 2G devices, which means that it is necessary to eliminate the ignition source or that the ignition source must be isolated from the explosive environment. Additional measures have been taken in the design of the fans to ensure increased safety against the possibility of excessive temperatures, arcs and sparks both inside the engine and on external components during normal operation. 


The fans meet theT3 and T4 temperature classes - i.e. the maximum temperature of any part of the fan in the most unfavorable but permissible conditions does not exceed 200 and 1350C, respectively. The temperature class of the fan depends on the type of explosive atmosphere pumped by the fan. The fans are designed to work in a horizontal position. They can also work in an upright position, with the shaft tip pointing down or up. In this case, the vent cover is equipped with a protective canopy. The fan should be used at ambient temperatures between –20°C and +40°C. Each fan has its own individual aerodynamic characteristics, which allow you to select the device for your specific application. 



Maximum flow rate 12200m³/h
Speed 880/min
Power 550W
Nominal Voltage 400V
Current 1.7A
Protection 56IP
Sound pressure level 62dB(A)
Mass 6kg
Motor Type AC



  D r mm D mm C mm E mm F mm       G mm
Ø630 625 630 645 785 120     0.55 kW 269







Brand Deltafan
Status New
Colour black
Hole diameter 500 mm
Energy efficiency class A
Voltage / Power 400V
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