• Heaters


Ensuring the right supply air temperature is one of the key elements necessary to create a comfortable microclimate in the room. The air flowing through the ventilation system is heated by duct heaters. These devices can be used in any mechanical supply ventilation system where there is a need for:

→ Raising the air temperature in autumn and winter,

→ Increase the air temperature in one of the supported zones,

→ Maintain a constant air temperature, e.g. in the case of technological processes. Duct water heaters can be used as both primary heaters and secondary heaters. The products we offer in this category are water duct heaters, where water is the energy carrier. The air flowing through the device is heated by an aluminum heat exchanger, inside which there is a hot liquid. The products are designed to be installed in ducts, both vertically and horizontally, regardless of the direction of air flow.