• Hose aluminum fi 200 L - 10mb

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Flexible aluminium cable fi 200 L - 10m is an excellent choice for professionals looking for high-quality solutions. Manufactured by the renowned brand Wentec, this state-of-the-art cable ensures reliability and durability. Its innovative design makes it an ideal solution for a variety of applications. The cable has a round shape with a diameter of 200 mm, which makes it a versatile tool for ventilation or air conditioning installations. Made of aluminum, this flexible conduit is lightweight and easy to install. Its flexibility allows it to adapt to different surfaces and ensures smooth air circulation. Therefore, if you are looking for a top-quality product that will meet your industry requirements, Flexible aluminum cable fi 200 L - 10m is an excellent choice.

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Flexible aluminium cable spiro fi 200 L - 10m



The hose has been designed to transport air in ducted ventilation and air conditioning systems. Dampens system vibrations. Reduces the need for fittings.


Three-layer laminate of aluminium and polyester. Very resistant to mechanical damage. The cable is reinforced with a steel wire spiral with a pitch of 24 mm.


standard 10 m cables, compressed into 0.5 m carton packages

  • low transport and storage costs
  • Easy to install
  • no need to use special tools for cutting or clamping
  • does not emit toxic gases at high temperatures
  • the product has European certificates for non-flammability • Polish Hygienic Certificate
  • declaration of conformity with PN-EN 13180 standards
Brand Wentec
Status New
Size inny rozmiar
Shape round
Material aluminium (2)
Diameter 200
Packaging Condition oryginalne
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