• Motor speed regulator HRB 1.5 A

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Transformer Motor Speed Controller HRB 1.5 - 5 Speed Transformer Regulators Are Used To Regulate Motor Voltage And Speed

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Transformer motor speed controller HRB 1.5

Transformer regulators are designed to change the rotational speed of motors by changing the voltage. The regulators have a function to protect the transformer from overheating. All controllers have a 230 VAC output for connecting actuators, heaters, relays, integrating the operation of accessories with the operation of the fan. More than one fan may be connected to a single controller, provided that the total current of all motors does not exceed the regulator's allowable value.


Regulator Specifications:

  • Power supply [V] - 1x230
  • Intensity max. [A] - 1.5
  • Weight [kg] - 2.6
  • Number of adjustment levels : 5
  • Frequency : 50-60 Hz
  • Voltage values 80V Imax*0.6 ; 120V Imax*0.8; 140V Imax*1; 170V Imax*1; 230V Imax*1
  • Protection IP44
  • Max. ambient temperature: 40 °C
  • Max. possible transformer temperature T = 130 °C – ambient temperature Max. the transformer temperature of 70 °C is limited by the thermal protection of the transformer.


Dimensions of the device:

H - 165

W - 120

D - 79

Brand Havaco
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