• Mounting roof base for air conditioner L-550 mm

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Attaching the base of the L-550 mm air conditioner to a pitched roof is a key element of the installation to ensure that the unit is mounted safely and stably. The structure of this mount is designed to effectively hold the air conditioner on the sloping surface of the roof. It usually consists of a solid metal frame, equipped with adjustable elements that allow it to be adapted to the angle of the roof.

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Mounting: Base, bracket, rooftop air conditioner

Arm Length L-550mm

The professional mounting base for the heat pump air conditioner unit is made of high-quality powder-coated steel, thanks to which they have high corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance. Thanks to the solutions used, such as a horizontal beam that allows you to adjust the spacing of the legs and the included spirit level, the  installation of the handle is simple and very quick.  The legs of the air conditioner base mount can be adjusted vertically thanks to the vertical feet used. They allow the unit to be properly positioned. The included set of appropriate mounting screws and shock absorbing washers increases the comfort of the   device by dampening vibrations caused by its operation.





Brand Wentec
Status New
Colour white
Material galvanized sheet
Packaging Condition oryginalne
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