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Fire dampers

Ventilation fire dampers are fire protection devices that are used to protect buildings from the spread of fire and smoke through ventilation systems. They are installed in the ventilation ducts to close them in the event of a fire, allowing the building and its occupants to be protected.


Ventilation fire dampers work on the principle of thermal reaction. In the event of a fire, the flap is automatically closed by a special thermal system, which is activated by an increase in temperature in the ventilation duct.

There are different types of ventilation fire dampers, including shut-off dampers, locking dampers, and irreversible dampers. Each one is specifically designed for specific applications and comes with various additional features such as fire alarm, safety features, and more.

Round ventilation fire dampers are part of the overall fire protection system of a building and are regulated by law to ensure the safety of people and property.

To sum up, ventilation fire dampers are important elements of fire safety systems in buildings and allow protection against the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire.