• Prefabricated elements for rectangular ducts

Prefabricated elements for rectangular ducts

The category includes a wide range of ready-made elements intended for the assembly and construction of ventilation ducts with a rectangular cross-section. This category primarily includes duct clamps, which enable the individual segments to be efficiently connected and fastened.
These clamps are specially designed for rectangular ventilation ducts, allowing for easy and precise installation. Made of high-quality materials, they ensure the durability and stability of the structure.
In addition, the offer within this category also includes PES (polyethylene) gaskets, which are necessary to ensure the tightness and effective operation of the ventilation system. These gaskets are adapted to the rectangular shape of the ducts, providing effective thermal insulation and eliminating the possibility of unwanted air leaks.
Prefabricated elements for rectangular ducts facilitate and accelerate the process of building or modernizing ventilation systems, while guaranteeing their efficient and trouble-free functioning. By using high-quality PES clamps and gaskets, users can be assured of the durable and efficient operation of their ventilation system.