• Insulated duct 50mm wool fi 125 - 10m

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Insulated duct 50mm wool fi 125 - 10m Duct insulated with wool 50mm thick with vapour-proof foil An excellent product for all those who are looking for high-quality solutions for ventilation. This 125 mm flexible cable is made of the highest quality materials, which guarantees its durability and reliability. With 50 mm thick wool insulation, this cable provides effective protection against heat loss and noise. The product is new and has the Wentec brand, which is synonymous with reliability and professionalism in the ventilation industry

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Duct insulated with wool 50mm thick with vapour-proof foil fi 125

Ideally suited for installation in recuperation systems and non-insulated pieces of gravity and mechanical ventilation.

The diameters given in the title are internal.

It is made on the basis of Aluduct and thermal and acoustic insulation for the installation of mechanical ventilation and recuperation. An additional attribute is the vapour-tight foil placed between the internal duct and the mineral wool insulation. Thanks to it, the condensation formed by the temperature difference will not get into the wool, as a result of which it would lose its acoustic and thermal properties.

Packing: 10m sections, compressed to 1200mm, packed in a cardboard box.

Degree of flexibility (winding diameter): Relative to the specific outer diameter, i.e. approx. 0.75 x diameter in mm.

Temperature range: -20°C to +140°C

Allowed vacuum: Depending on the arrangement of the cable. In straight sections, 1/3 of the transmitted pressure can be assumed for a specific diameter. Fire classification - 2839.4/11/Z00NP and 2839.6/11/Z00NP.

Brand Wentec
Status New
Material aluminium (2)
Hole diameter 125 mm
Kind Flexible Channel
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Kod producenta 661249
Liczba m w ofercie 10
Packaging Condition oryginalne
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