• Rooftec 250/2200S Roof fan

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Rooftec 250/2200S roof fan

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Rooftec 250/2200S roof fan from Harmann



A roof-mounted centrifugal fan with vertical discharge, the motor of which is mounted outside the air flow. The fan has been adapted to pump air with a maximum temperature of up to 1200C.

The enclosure is made of profiled AlMg3 aluminum sheet resistant to sea water and galvanized steel sheet (mounting plate, internal supports). The octagonal shape of the fan housing makes it possible to reduce the pressure loss of the airflow.

As standard, each fan has an air outlet protected by an aluminum perforated sheet, a service switch and a drip tray for draining condensate and rainwater from the inside of the fan. The design allows the casing to be tilted for rotor servicing (inspections, cleaning).

Temperature range:

-25 ÷ 80 °C - ambient temperature depending on the model,
120 °C - maximum temperature of the pumped medium.


A new generation dynamically balanced rotor in class G2.5, type B - with blades inclined to the rear, made of powder-coated steel sheet. The rotors of the triphase models are additionally equipped with a Taperlock collet, which ensures better balancing quality and higher operational stability.


Capacity : 2160 m3/h

Compression max :  820Pa

Current: 3.3 A

Voltage: 230V




Brand Harmann
Status New
Material galvanized sheet
Hole diameter 250 mm
Typ Roof fan
Packaging Condition oryginalne
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