• TERMOFLEX fi insulated wire 315 / 10mb / 140stC

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Insulated hose thermoflex fi 315 /10m /Acoustically and thermally insulated flexible hose with perforated insert, up to temp 120C Insulated flexible hoses are usually used in the last sections of supply air installations, when connecting plenum boxes or diffusers.

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Insulated ventilation duct IZOFLEX PRO 318 mm - 10m

IZOFLEX PRO hose is an insulated flexible hose designed for use in ventilation and air conditioning systems. Mineral wool insulation with increased density is an excellent thermal protection. The cables are suitable for transporting media at a temperature of -30°C / +150°C.


Insulated hoses are usually used in the last sections of supply air systems, for the connection of plenum boxes or diffusers. The use of flexible ducts eliminates the need for ventilation fittings and specialized installation tools. In addition, it effectively reduces and eliminates vibrations in the installation.


The inner conductor is made of a three-layer aluminum foil laminate with polyester, reinforced with a steel wire spiral. The insulating layer is made of mineral wool with a thickness of 25 mm. The outer shell consists of two layers: laminated aluminum and polyester film. The cable is available in 10 m lengths and is packed in 1.2 m long cartons.


  • Insulation: 25 mm mineral wool
  • Outer sheath : aluminum, polyester
  • Operating temperature range: -30°C C / 150 deg. C
  • Length : 10 mb
  • Cable packed in a 1.2 m long carton



Brand Wentec
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Hole diameter 315 mm
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