• Technical hoses

Technical hoses for special applications

Technical hoses are often used in various industries to transport media such as air, water, fluids, and gases. They can be made of different materials, such as PVC, rubber, PUR polyurethane, nylon and other plastics, depending on the type of medium transported and the conditions of its use.


Technical hoses are particularly suitable for sawdust extraction, as they are able to withstand the harsh conditions of splinters and dust. Sawdust extraction pipes are often made of hard and durable materials such as PVC, which are resistant to mechanical and chemical damage.

There are different types of technical hoses, including spiral hoses, suction hoses, compressed air hoses, and industrial hoses. Each of these types is specifically designed for specific applications, such as transporting air, water, or fluids, and is equipped with special terminations such as fittings, valves, and other mounting hardware.

In conclusion, technical hoses and pipes for sawdust extraction are essential components in many industries, and their durability and strength make it possible to move a variety of media in harsh environments