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Supplying fresh, treated air and removing waste are tasks carried out by means of ventilation ducts. They run to individual rooms, ensuring the creation of a comfortable microclimate inside each part of the building. Ducts are an essential component of both gravity and mechanical ventilation systems, so they are placed in quite high demands. The correct operation of ventilation during the use of the building depends on the correct selection of ventilation ducts and keeping them clean. Proper air distribution is assisted by a number of ventilation fittings and devices that control the amount of air delivered to a particular room. Our products in this category are ventilation ducts and fittings of both round and rectangular sections. The manufacturer of products are renowned companies Darco and Lindab. In this category you will find:

→ FLEX and Spiro flexible cables,

→ Insulated cables,

→ Polyurethane wires,

→ Guillotine and damping dampers,

→ Throttles for flue chimneys,

→ Steel flanges,

→ channel fittings,

→ Flat knees,

→ expansion boxes and for anemostates,

→ Mounting elements The products available in our store vary in dimensions and technical parameters, so they will be used in any ventilation system. They will allow you to build an installation for even the most demanding investor and meet strict legal requirements.