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Ensuring efficient air exchange in the room is not only about taking care of the comfort of users, but also about protecting against the growth of microorganisms, especially in the bathroom. Fresh, treated air is supplied by means of ventilation grilles and ventilation anemostats usually mounted on walls or ceilings. Remember that grilles and anemostats are the most visible elements of the entire ventilation system, which is why they have a somewhat decorative function. They are installed in every room, so it is worth choosing components that match the style and design of the entire interior. Manufacturers of ventilation grilles and anemostats provide products of various shapes and colors to meet the expectations of even the most demanding investor. Ventilation grilles and anemostats also have a regulating function, i.e. they control the intensity of air exchange in the room. This adjustment is made possible by air dampers mounted on the inside of the grille or anemostat. In addition, products equipped with movable steering wheels allow you to direct the supplied air. The products we offer in this category are:

→ Ventilation grilles,

→ Raster grilles for suspended ceilings,

→ Ventilation grilles with louvers,

→ Round and square ventilation anemostats,

→ Vortex anemostats,

→ Supply and exhaust valves,

→ Ventilators (including those with a heater),

→ Wall air intakes and exhaust vents,

→ Inspection doors,

→ Masking rosettes The products are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum.