• Window diffusers

Pressurized window ventilators and self-regulating hygro-controlled ventilators

Window ventilators are devices installed in windows that allow natural air circulation in rooms. They work by forcing air flow into the room through ducts that lead from the outside to the inside of the building. They are used to ventilate rooms, which is especially important in crowded and enclosed spaces such as apartments, offices or shops.

Window ventilators are devices that are used to exchange air in rooms. They are installed in the windows and allow fresh air to enter the room while providing protection from rain, wind and other weather conditions.

There are different types of window diffusers, including mechanical diffusers, which require manual opening and closing, and automatic diffusers, which work by adjusting the pressure. The latter are more convenient to use and allow you to automatically adjust the amount of incoming air to the needs of the room.

Window ventilators are particularly useful in enclosed buildings such as office buildings, hotels, schools and homes, where maintaining the right level of humidity and air quality is particularly important for the health and comfort of users.

In conclusion, window ventilators are simple but effective devices that allow air to be exchanged indoors while providing protection from rain, wind, and other weather conditions. They are particularly useful in closed buildings, where maintaining proper air quality is crucial.