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Every year we observe an increase in summer temperatures in Poland, which break new records. Therefore, air conditioning is becoming a must-have for your home or office, allowing you to survive this hot period. The simplest solution is to install a split air conditioner, which will keep us pleasantly cool. A split air conditioner consists of two cooperating units:

→ Condenser mounted outside the building. Its task is to remove warm air from the room outside the building,

→ An evaporator that cools the room with the help of a fan.

The external and internal parts are connected by pipes through which freon, i.e. refrigerant, circulates. It is worth noting that split air conditioners are built and installed in such a way that noisy elements are located outside. As a result, the devices in the room are quiet and unobtrusive. Nowadays, air conditioners are not only about cooling, but also about multidimensional comfort thanks to:

→ moisturizing,

→ cleansing,

→ ionization. A modern solution is also a split air conditioner with a heating function, which will pleasantly heat the room on autumn evenings.

Let's remember about reasonable regulation of the temperature in the room. A temperature reduction of 7 oC relative to the outside air is the maximum. The products we offer in this category are:

→ Wall-mounted split air conditioners,

→ Portable air conditioners,

→ Condensate pumps and siphons,

→ PVC condensate pipes,

→ Certified copper refrigeration pipes,

→ Preparations for air conditioning disinfection,

→ Window seals,

→ Mounting hardware.