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Flexible soft ventilation ducts

The use of insulated ducts not only minimizes these hazards, but also contributes to the attenuation of noise characteristic of the ventilation system.

Reliable companies no longer use corrugated pipes for ventilation, the so-called flexes (convenient to install, because they are flexible), but smooth ones - more expensive, but much less noisy, because the air moves in them with much less resistance.

Flexible pipes are eagerly used because they are cheap and easy to install, because they adapt to the dimensions and shape of the place, but they cause increased flow resistance, they are also impossible to clean because they have an uneven surface, and it also happens that they break during operation. Locating leaks and repairing pipes is a hassle if they are built-in. Therefore, flexible hoses can only be used for short distances at the connections of anemostats and ventilation grilles as well as the recuperator.