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The optimal 600 Power recuperator is designed to exchange air (bring in fresh air from the outside and expel the used air from the rooms) with maximum thermal energy conservation (up to 95%), it can be used both in residential and public buildings

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OPTIMAL 600 POWER recuperator air handling unit by Dospel


The OPTIMAL unit is equipped with a acoustically and thermally insulated housing, a heat exchanger, high-quality filters and an automatic by-pass, which allows the rooms to be cooled in the summer. When the bypass is opened, there is no heat transfer in the exchanger. Bypass is used for free cooling of ventilated rooms with the use of cool air, e.g. from GHE.

Together with the air handling unit, there is a controller with an ecoTOUCH PLUM touch panel. Changes to the regulator settings are made via the rotary menu system. It allows you to control the flow of streams, allowing for smooth adjustment of fan speeds and weekly programming. The recuperator is equipped with automatic frost protection and a condensate drainage system. The controller is supplied with a 20m long connecting cable terminated with Rj11 plugs.

The controller has built-in software modules that allow the recuperation unit to work with selected types of air quality sensors: digital carbon dioxide (CO2) level sensor, analog carbon dioxide (CO2) level sensor or analog humidity sensor. It is possible to connect to external ecoPRESS-01 differential pressure transmitters. The ecoNET300 additional Internet module enables remote management of the regulator's operation via Wi-Fi or LAN using the Internet service. The control panel has a cable terminated with a plug adapted to be connected directly to a single-phase socket with a PE wire. It should be connected to a 230V/50Hz electrical system with protective earthing.

A properly installed OPTIMAL recuperator does not require any special maintenance during its use. From time to time, it is necessary to carry out a preventive inspection of fans, drain port and diffusers. The device is equipped with a timed filter dirt indicator that counts down the time remaining until the next filter change. The filter cartridge made of polyester fabric cannot be cleaned and must be replaced with a new one if necessary. When changing the filter, reset the replacement meter. This is important for maintaining the efficiency of the control panel and maintaining high energy efficiency.


Connection diameter 198 mm
Power Consumption Min. 17 W / Max 355 watts
Dimensions 838 x 625 x 583 mm
Air Output 940 m3/h (by-pass closed)
Supply voltage 230 V
Turnovers 1650 rpm
Protection IP 40
Insulation class 1
Bearing Type Rolling
Scales 50
Available pressure 0-450Pa
Pressure up to 53 dB(A) / lm

Dimensions of the recuperator:



Brand Dospel
Status New
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Funkcje wentylacja
Średnica otworu (mm) 200
Packaging Condition oryginalne
Energy efficiency class A
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