• Ventilation wall inlet launcher VWSM 250 White

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The VWSM 250 White wall-mounted ventilation intake is an excellent solution for mechanical ventilation systems with recuperation. This high-quality launcher has been designed for outdoor use, both in residential and public buildings. The launcher is equipped with a drip cap as standard, which effectively protects the wall against water stains. In addition, it has a mesh protecting the outlet opening, which prevents unwanted elements from getting inside the system.

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Exhaust / Wall-mounted air intake with drip cap VWSM fi 250 White

Duct terminations in mechanical ventilation systems with recuperation. For outdoor use, in residential and public buildings. As standard, it is equipped with adrip cap to protect the wall against stains and a mesh to protect the outlet opening. The geometry of the air discharge perpendicular to the wall with side closure prevents the wall from being soiled by the stale air. The specially designed geometry ensures minimal resistance/pressure drop of the ejected/drawn air. The rubber gasket facilitates installation and prevents water from flowing out of the ventilation duct. Mounting holes in the corners allow you to screw to the wall. The lateral location of the mounting screws of the detachable front of the launcher makes it easy to assemble and disassemble for maintenance.



  • 0.7 mm thick galvanized steel sheet, powder coated with passivation technology for additional corrosion protection
  • Attractive colours used in today's construction industry
  • Outlet Opening Protection Mesh
  • Mounting flange with double-lip seal
  • Quick and easy installation (4 mounting holes in the corners).





Flow characteristics:


Brand Awenta
Status New
Colour white
Material galvanized sheet
Hole diameter 250 mm
Kind Air intakes/exhaust vents
Typ Wall-mounted ventilation air intake
Packaging Condition oryginalne
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