• Wall-mounted single-pipe decentralised recuperator SOLO+ fi 100 pilot

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Wall-mounted single-pipe decentralised recuperator SOLO+ fi 100 energy-saving remote control

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Wall-mounted single-tube recuperator SOLO+ fi 100 pilot


  • Energy-efficient room ventilation with heat recovery
  • Air Filtration
  • Maintaining the right humidity in rooms
  • Mounted in the exterior wall

The recuperator works in two 60-second cycles:

Cycle I
Warm, stale air removed from the room
flows through the heat exchanger, transferring heat
and moisture. After 60 seconds of heat exchanger heating
heating, the ventilation unit switches to
Cycle II
Fresh, cool air from outside flows through
heat exchanger. The air is humidified and heated
heat previously stored in the exchanger.
After 60 seconds, the fan switches again
into exhaust mode and the cycle repeats.

Technical data of the SOLO+ recuperator

Equipment of the recuperator:

Remote Control :

Dimensions of the SOLO+ 100 recuperator:

Brand Vents
Status New
Material PCV
Hole diameter 100 mm
Sterowanie na pilot
Energy efficiency class A+
Voltage / Power 230V
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