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Mounting accessories

Ventilation elements are essential for the proper functioning of ventilation systems in buildings. Below is a brief description of selected ventilation elements:


  • Perforated profiles - these are profiles of various shapes and sizes, made of sheet metal or plastic, with holes cut in them. They are used in the construction of ventilation ducts and as finishing elements, e.g. at ventilation grilles.
  • Mounting tapes - used to fix ventilation ducts in places where it is not possible to use other mounting methods, e.g. on walls or ceilings. Mounting tapes are usually made of flexible materials such as nylon or polyester, which allows them to adapt to different surfaces.
  • Spiro pipe clamps – these are metal elements that are used to connect spiro pipes together. These clamps usually consist of two parts that are connected to each other by means of screws. This makes it easy and quick to connect pipes of different diameters together.
  • Mounting brackets - used to fix ventilation ducts inside or outside the building. These handles are usually made of metal and come in different shapes, depending on their purpose. They can be in the form of shelves, angles or special baskets.


All these ventilation elements are necessary for the proper functioning of ventilation systems, which are responsible for maintaining proper indoor air quality and ensuring the comfort of building users.