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The air curtain is used to separate internal and external air. It is ideal wherever the door is opened at high frequency, causing an influx of external air and deterioration of the microclimate inside the room or building. The operation of the device consists in supplying a stream of warm air at the entrance door, creating a kind of protective barrier. The lack of an air curtain causes large energy losses in the winter (up to 70%), which at the same time translates into higher heating costs. The air curtain also significantly increases the comfort of the users of the room, e.g. people working at the reception do not feel frequent whiffs of cold every time the door is opened by the interested person. It is not only the comfort of work, but also the lower risk of colds in the employee. In addition, the air curtain is a protection against insects and contaminants in the outside air. This is particularly important for buildings adjacent to industrial or production plants that emit, for example, large amounts of dust. In the offer of our store there are electric air curtains, where the air is heated with an electric heater. Products in this category are different in terms of heating power, which should be adapted to a particular room. These devices will also work well in the summer – when the heating function is turned off, air circulation occurs, which protects the room from rising temperatures. Where will the electric air curtain work perfectly?

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